Lara was one of those rare students that I can immediately recall. She literally lit up a room just by entering it.


The best way to describe Lara…She had open arms for the next stranger that walked into the room, within 60 seconds, that stranger would go from nervous and uncomfortable to feeling loved and accepted.


If you asked me before her tragic passing, I would say the same things I say about her now: She’s upbeat, she’s always positive and she’s vibrant; she literally brings sunshine into the room with her. She has a place in her heart for everyone.


She was the type of girl to always go out of her way for others, the type of girl to lend a helping hand when one was needed, the type of girl that went to the ends of the earth to ensure others happiness. She was the girl that poured her heart and soul into everything she did, including her relationships.


I will always remember Lara’s big smile,
you could see it from a mile away.


For every day that I knew Lara, I am better than the day before.

Lara, from her earliest days, was a confident and purposeful young woman. She loved life and clearly recognized that she had important contributions to make. She set goals for herself - like never missing a day of school – and followed through where others might just talk about it.
A cute, friendly, vivacious little girl blossomed into a beautiful caring young lady who touched everyone she came in contact with by her warm and genuine soul.   To us, Lara was a gem and there are no words that can describe this energetic, loving, giving and caring beautiful young woman.
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